What we do

Onion Insights partners with Brands to Consult, Measure and Deliver. We use tools of Mystery Shopping, Customer Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction to help maintain and deliver Customer Excellence – creating exemplars in Customer Service and Customer Experience.

We strive to be the masters of story telling in today’s data abundant world. What is a data story? A data story contains data points on time, location, volume, trend, significance and proportion. It uses empathy, and it has a plot and a hero. It ends with some questions and some actions.

With the myriad of metrics available today, it’s tempting to drown in numbers. While figures aren't bad per se, we make sure that these are relevant to the role of those receiving the reports. We strive to tell the story behind the numbers by including learnings and insights. To create a true Customer Excellence Story we combine explorative data visualisation with narrative techniques. In essence, your operational numbers and their words will tell you where mediocrity lies, and what steps to take towards Customer Excellence. The gap between your performance today and excellence tomorrow are the priority actions you take. We deliver actionable and measurable insights to light the path for engaged decision makers in a compelling narrative – your Customer Excellence Story. Here's a glimpse of our services:

  • Focus Groups to glean cultural and demographic-based insights from your target audience and understand how these insights shape expectations
  • Business Consultancy through a combination of our Customer Experience know-how and the nuances of your business and industry
  • Customer Service Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) design based on industry and competitive benchmarks and cultural nuances of your target demographics
  • Mystery Shopping - PoS in-person audits, phone, Internet, email and hybrid audits, integrity audits, B2B service audits, competitor benchmarking and more
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys to benchmark customer satisfaction in your organization
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys to measure how well your employees relate with your brand promise and how engaged they are with your business. Happy employees make happy customers!
  • Dealer Satisfaction Surveys to benchmark how well dealers relate with brand and customer experience principles, rate their advocacy and loyalty, and identify their pain points.

How we do it

Our approach is simple, specific, and always on. We work closely with businesses to understand customer satisfaction goals and larger business goals, before we consult on and recommend the necessary research tools to meet them.
We achieve this by:
1. Defining customised goals and objectives for every Customer Experience Measurement Program;
2. Analysing whether your organisation requires traditional Mystery Shopping tools, primary research with dealers and/or employees, a structured step-by-step standard operating procedure, or a customised hybrid program;
3. Designing customised research methodologies with neutral, simple, and realistic scenarios to glean sharp, unbiased insights;
4. Deploying Sassie, a globally renowned data collection, reporting and analytics tool for access to data;
5. Selecting and training the accurate demographic of resources – in house. This has helped us maintain robust quality control and deliver authentic, actionable insights;
6. Constantly monitoring and interpreting data to understand and measure Customer Experience, improving service standards, and identifying trends that impact customer expectations.
7. Our ultimate goal is to go beyond one-time measurement and reporting and to build a customer-centric culture in our clients’ businesses.

Why Us


Our experience speaks for itself. We’re pretty good at what we do.


We raise the bar for your brand but not before considering the cultural and economic nuances of the local market of a specific country. We have fieldwork reach across the length and breadth of India as well as in over 35 countries in the world! Our ultimate goal is to drive Customer Excellence... on Mars… as soon as it has a habitat!


No two businesses are alike. Our success lies in the fact that we thoroughly understand the dynamics of an organisation before designing a fresh approach each time.


Of course, we’re technology driven. Which means we’re more accurate with our analysis. But we don’t dismiss the human element either. It reflects strongly in how we find the stories in your data and showcase reports. Our business is about people – we never forget that.


Quality control is at the centre of accurate, intelligent reporting. We reflect it in our work before our clients can trust us to raise the bar for theirs.


Our results speak for themselves. Let our clients tell you like it is. Read more Here.


Since we’re boasting, we’ll have you know that our very first customer is still going strong in our portfolio.


Quality is at the core of all that we do. We strive to continuously provide accurate, intelligent and actionable information from the Programs we conduct for you at a price which does justice to what we do.


When you grow, we grow. It's as simple! This is our mantra.


We are pretty awesome at what we do! But you already had that figured out, didn’t you?!