Who we are

Onion Insights is a Global Customer Experience Measurement company established in 2009, headquartered in Mumbai, India. We exist to consult on and create, measure and deliver exceptional Customer Experiences, thus transforming your Customers and your People both, to loyal Brand Advocates. We deliver a combination of Consulting Prowess and focussed Business Insights, with compelling Data Storytelling that comes from 20 years of Advertising, Marketing and Research, Mystery Shopping, and Customer Satisfaction Experience. Since 2009, Onion Insights has been powering Global Brands in the never-ending evolution of Customer Excellence - moving from Service through Experience to build true Excellence for your People and your Customers. We are proud members of  Mystery Shopping Professionals Associations - Europe and Africa and Asia Chapters since 2010.

Some Facts

Over 30000 Mystery Shoppers and Resources globally, up for the challenge to report what your on-ground Customer Experience looks like. They play the most important role in our Story by helping us finding the pulse of your Business across all Customer touch points.

Our team of dedicated Mystery shoppers extends to over 35 countries, covering big, metro cities and the smallest of towns and suburbs. We have a footprint in all the continents of the world, except for Antarctica... we'd rather go there on a cruise and say hello to the penguins!

We have completed over 1 Million Mystery Shops since day 1, partnering with Global brands in the industries of Retail, Luxury Retail, Hospitality, Food & Beverage, Automotive, Banking & Finance, Telecom, Education, IT, Beauty & Cosmetics, FMCG and more.

Know more about our Chief Storyteller

Bharavi Sagar

Bhairavi Sagar is a serial entrepreneur, a trusted Customer Experience Measurement professional and an offbeat traveller with a rich travel experience to over 50 countries. She has donned many hats since she joined the workforce post her graduation. With over two decades of experience in Advertising and Marketing and Customer Experience Measurement, she has played an earnest role in bringing Mystery Shopping to the forefront of Customer Experience conversations in India.
In her role as Founder/Managing Director at Onion Insights, she oversees the company’s fast-growing network of Global Client Partners. A firm advocate of shared value and success, she likes to be hands on, in Methodology Design and Measurement and Analysis of various Customer Measurement Programs conducted for Onion Insights’ clientele, with a strong and consistent focus on Customer Excellence and Customer Success. She is passionate and committed to the industry which reflected in her role as a Board Director for 6 years for the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association – Asia Pacific Chapter.
At Onion Insights, she leads a handpicked team of dedicated professionals who mirror her commitment and passion for the Customer Experience industry. Together, the Onion Insights team is consistently raising the bar for their Customers year after year. You may know more about her HERE.